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Weekly Timetable & Term Dates

Monday -

Miss Agnes

3.40-4.30pm: Acro Novice (Ages 8+)

4.30-5.15pm: Acro Beginners (Age 5 to 7)

5.30-6.15pm: Junior Jazz (IDT & Broadway syllabus) Grade 1

6.15pm-7pm: Junior Jazz (IDT & Broadway syllabus) Grade 2

7-7.45pm: Acro Improvers/Intermediate

7.45-8.45pm: Intermediate Jazz (IDT & Broadway syllabus)


5.15-6.15pm: Acro - Novice - Miss Agnes 

4.15-5pm: Junior Contemporary (Rambert Grade 1)  - Miss Joanne 

5-6pm: Inter Contemporary (Rambert Grade 3) - Miss Joanne 

7.15-8.15pm - Ballet Grade 5 - Miss Agnes

Wednesday - Miss Agnes

4.30-5.30pm - Intermediate Acro 

 5.30-6.30pm: Acro - Improvers/ Intermediate

   6.30-7.30pm: Acro - Improvers Year 4+

   7.30-8.30pm: Acro - Intermediate/ Advanced Acro


4.15-5pm: Grade 1 Ballet - Miss Joanne

5.15-6pm: Primary Ballet - Miss Agnes

5.15-6.15pm: Grade 3 Ballet - Miss Joanne

6.30-7pm: Pointe work

7-8.30pm: Vocational Ballet


6-7pm (tbc): Advanced Contemporary (Rambert Grades) - JPDC 

Saturday - Miss Agnes *Ad-Hoc

Private lessons

 Acro Technique *Current students only

10.15-11.15am: Juniors

11.15-11.45am: Partnering

11.45-1pm: Intermediate

Sundays - Miss Agnes *Ad-Hoc 

9-10.30am: Beginners/ Novice Tumbling - Drop in available

10.45-12.15pm:  Junior Acro Troupe *By audition

12.30-2pm: Improvers/ Intermediate Tumbling - Drop in available

12.30-2pm: Contemporary Troupe *By audition

2.15-3.45pm: Intermediate / Advanced Tumbling - Drop in available

4-5.30pm: Intermediate Acro Troupe *By audition

The above Sunday classes are ad-hoc. Drop me an email to enquire. 

Get in touch for more information and to arrange your free trial. 

Adhoc dates:

Acro Technique Saturdays - Summer Term 2024:

Saturday 20th April
Saturday 27th April
Saturday 11th May
Saturday 18th May
Saturday 6th July
Saturday 13th July

Sunday Tumble - Summer Term 2024:

Sunday 21st April
Sunday 28th April
Sunday 12th May
Sunday 19th May
Sunday 14th July

Acro Troupes - Dates will be communicated to members of acro troupe separately. 

Term Times

Summer Term - 12 Weeks

Tuesday 16th April to Monday 15th July

No classes w/c 27th May for Half Term

Miss Agnes' classes won't begin until Wednesday 17th April and will finish on Tuesday 16th July.

All Ballet on Thursday 25th April only at Hurstpierpoint Village Centre in the Club Suite.  

Please note classes will be running on Monday 6th May. All classes will be at St Lawrence Primary School at the usual times. 


Showcase rehearsal Friday 31st May from 3.30pm ish. Annual Showcase Sunday 2nd June. 


About the classes

Acro classes follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus which follows progressions for Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Limbering and Tumbling Skills. Classes take place weekly during term time and students in these classes will also work towards acro exams and events. Please bring your own acro mat

Jazz classes will be based mainly off the IDT Jazz Syllabus & i-Path Broadway Jazz Syllabus where your child will learn the foundations of modern and jazz technique which includes kicks, leaps, turns and jumps combined with dance movement, West End influences and transitions to create a versatile performer. 

Partnering classes use acrobatic skills to perform lifts and transitions in groups of 2 or more which has bases (lifters) and flyers (liftees). Please bring your own acro mat.

Ballet classes are often referred to as the foundation of all dance technique. Students will learn poise, balance, self-discipline, develop their musicality and of course learn their fundamental classical ballet technique in these classes. 

Contemporary classes learning contemporary technique as well as developing creativity, musicality and self-expression. 

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